Afternoon Workshops

These workshops take place in the North Bay and last between 6 and 8 hours. Start and end times vary, depending on the season. We carpool from Lance's studio, or you can join us along the way. It usually takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to get to our first stop. From there, we stop frequently and the light usually gets better and better until sundown. After class Lance will e-mail you a map, telling you exactly where we stopped, so that you can re-visit any of the locations.

Lance will photograph alongside you, to let you see his examples in the field and when he posts them online after the class. He is ready to answer any question you have at any time. Occasionally he will check in with you to see how you are doing, and suggest tips that might be helpful to you after observing your technique. He is also happy to suggest what to photograph if you "aren't seeing anything".

These workshops are good for every level of photographer, from beginner to expert. Beginners will be able to practice using their camera with guidance under various conditions. Advanced photographers can concentrate on photographing, while discovering locations that they may not have known about. Those in between can always ask questions when they need advice for a particular situation.

People take this course when they want to find new places to photograph or want to learn in small doses. They often repeat these outings when they want to go to the next level, or when they want to discover more places to photograph.


Rim Light - Sonoma County


Afternoon outings are timed to start when the light is good. The locations are chosen because it is optimal for photography at that particular time of year. Start times vary due to travel time to the selected location and the season.

Napa Valley in Winter

Following the Seasons and the Weather

We only photograph certain subjects at certain times of year. There are no workshops in wine country during late summer, since the opportunities for good photos there are less likely at that time. We photograph forests on overcast days, or the coast when the chance for a good sunset is likely. There are never any guarantees, but based on Lance's experience, the odds are usually good that the light will be working with you and not against you.

Fading Away - Western Sonoma County

Places to Concentrate

The workshops are designed for small groups, and we mostly photograph in less crowded, lesser known areas, where we are less likely to be interrupted by crowds or distracted by heavy traffic. There is usually little hiking involved, since the primary task is photography, not exercising.

Every afternoon workshop itinerary is scouted out to make sure there is plenty of time to photograph in desirable locations.

This is my first but not my last. Lance is a great teacher at a subtle yet effective level and cannot wait to have my next workshop with him. A true pro.
— Miranda W.

Upcoming Afternoon Outings