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Street View

View from Corner of 1st & G Streets

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River View

Looking west from the Petaluma River - There will be a deck.

Studios and Gallery in One Place

The old Kresky Signs building is being renovated into large suites. The building is about 40,000 square feet in size, and the suites will range from around 4000 to 8000 square feet each.

Potential tenants who are interested in this space include a restaurant, a microbrewery, and a wine tasting room. The suites are being designed now, and the landlord would very much like to accommodate artist studios and a gallery. Currently, there is a high end restaurant across the street, and Aqus Cafe and Sonoma Portworks are just around the corner.

Inside View.jpg

There will be high ceilings

And lots of windows and skylights too...

An Open Light-Filled Space

Most of our suite will be devoted to studio space, with about 1000 square feet reserved for gallery space, plus space for common areas and art classes.

The goal is to get around 30 artists in the studio to create an attraction for the Petaluma area. The studio spaces will run from 50 square feet, to 450 square feet, the cost per square foot goes down as the studio gets larger.

The gallery will be run as a co-op (just like Riverfront Art Gallery), but the costs to the artists will be lower, and artists with a studio in the building will get a discount on gallery space.

Studio Space: $225 to $1195 per month

Studio spaces range from 50 square feet to 450 square feet.  They can be configured to any size between those two sizes.  The cost per square foot goes down as the space gets larger.

The goal is to have about 25 artist studios with 30 to 40 artists, as well as classroom space and common areas.

All studio spaces come with utilities, high-speed Internet, liability insurance, the option to take credit cards via the gallery, and marketing included.

Gallery Space: $150-$600 per month

Gallery space will be available to all artists (regardless if they have a studio space in the building or not).

The gallery will run similarly to Riverfront Art Gallery with few exceptions.  The rents will be cheaper, all commissions are 20% (no 30% tier), and there will be no Invitational Artists (all artists showing will be members).  There is also a new smaller membership option (a 1/4 space) 3.5 lineal feet. 

Receptions will occur monthly (not every two months like Riverfront Art Gallery). Each space allows a print bin, and a full space allows up to four bins.

Gallery space discounts: 5%-25%

One benefit, as far as gallery costs are concerned, is that an artist who has a studio in the building will get a discount on gallery space.

The discount ranges from 5% off with a 50 square foot studio, and up to 25% off with a 450 square foot studio.  All other terms are the same as non-studio artists.

Gallery Space Rental Discounts:

  • 50 square feet - 5%

  • 100 square feet - 10%

  • 150 square feet - 15%

  • 200 square feet - 20%

  • 400 square feet - 25%

  • 450 square feet - 25%


Studio Space

Square Footage (prices & sizes are estimates)

50 square feet (i.e. 6x8) $225

100 square feet (i.e. 10x10) $350

150 square feet (i.e. 10x15) $475

200 square feet (i.e. 10x20) $595

450 square feet (i.e. 15x30) $1195

Studios will be separated by walls and doors for the most part.

By the way, the cost of these studio spaces are only 70% higher than just having a storage room of the same size in this town.

Gallery Walls.jpg

Gallery Space

Working Members - (1 to 2 days per month)

Full Space - 14 linear feet of wall space - $360

Half Space - 7 linear feet of wall space - $180

Non-Working Members

Full Space - 14 linear feet of wall space - $600

Half Space - 7 linear feet of wall space - $300

Quarter Space - 3.5 linear ft of wall space - $150

Sample costs for studio and gallery space combined:

50 square foot studio and 1/4 space in gallery - $362.50 month

100 square feet, and 1/2 space working member in gallery - $512 month

450 square feet, and full space non-working member in gallery - $1465 month

Cost to have gallery process your personal studio sales, do sales tax forms, etc. - 5%

0% commission to gallery on sales you make from your own studio space

Features of the Space

  • Monthly receptions/open studios

  • Utilities included

  • Liability Insurance included

  • High-speed Internet included

  • Credit Card processing of personal sales can be handled by gallery

  • Marketing throughout the Bay Area

  • 24/7 Studio access

  • High-Definition surveillance video

The latest information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

NOTE: Some answers are nebulous due to the fact many things are "in the future", and depend on City approvals.

  • Estimated opening date, February, 2019

  • Ventilation - there will be heating and air conditioning

  • There should be a utility sink (with trap) in a centrally located area

  • Deck - there may be a small deck over the river, there will be a recessed area on the river-side of the building to create an outside open area

  • Electrical capacity - should be adequate

  • Floor plans for building suites - in flux at the moment

  • Parking - overtures being made with nearby property owners for parking areas

  • Courtyard entry for First street side of building

  • Height of interior studio walls (probably 8 to 10 feet) for walled-off studios with doors

  • There will be limited storage areas available to artists, especially during Open Studios

  • No long term lease obligation by artists, just first and last month's rent + deposit

  • Larger studio spaces can be shared between 2 or more artists

If you have additional questions, write them down here. If you want studio or gallery space, send me your contact information. You will be informed of all new developments, as they occur.

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NOTE: This gallery is not in the center of downtown like Riverfront Art Gallery, but there will be a significant budget set aside for marketing to get the word out to Petaluma and the wider Bay Area about this place. People will know about us.

This location is only a 10 minute walk from downtown. I've been part of galleries in much more remote locations than this that are doing just fine.