The Sonoma Coast

Cost - $99

The Place

Late summer can be a great time to photograph the coast. If it is sunny, there are golden misty rays. If the fog rolls in, there can be ethereal sea stacks. If the sunset is not spectacular, then you can photograph the "Blue Hour" and turn the waves into mist.

Our Focus

We will primarily focus on the natural landscape and seascape. It is likely to be clear with coastal fog creeping in during the late afternoon. We may photograph in dark forests, as well as on bright hilltops and beaches. If the fog rolls in, we will concentrate on identifying good subjects, and getting the right exposure for vibrant images. We may do some short hikes away from our vehicles in some spots.

General Topics that will be Covered

We will focus on building up your technical foundation, including:

  1. Setting color and image quality settings for best results
  2. Focusing, depth of field, and image sharpness
  3. Getting the right exposure through the use of histograms
  4. Learning how to use exposure compensation to get better results
  5. How to identify strong compositions
  6. How to improve contrast and clarity in difficult lighting
  7. And, the location of several beautiful places to photograph 

Workshop Summary 

WHERE: The Sonoma Coast

DATE: Sunday, August 21st

TIME: 1:00 PM to Sunset

CLASS SIZE: Limited to 6 participants 

We will start out from my studio in Petaluma, from there we will carpool to northwest Sonoma County (or you can meet up with us near the area). A map will be provided to all participants detailing the exact routes of where the workshop took place after the workshop is over.

The price of $99.00 is for tuition only. This course fee does not include transportation or meals.