Western Roadtrip - Utah Loop

COST: $695.00

The Place

The Western United States is a great subject for landscape photography. This is a road trip that will make a big loop through southern Nevada into northern Arizona and finally Utah. We will make a loop in Utah and work our way back through the middle of Nevada as we go through the Lake Tahoe area on our way back.

Our Focus

We will see many classic places on this road trip: Las Vegas, Zion, Page, Monument Valley, Moab, Great Basin National Park (with some of the darkest skies in the United States), and the Loneliest Road in America (Highway 50). We will pass through the vast open areas of CA, NV, AZ and Utah.

This particular workshop will focus on how to photograph in harsh desert and mountain light. In addition, we will focus on how to capture shadow detail in high contrast scenes without losing detail in highlights.

A Rough Itinerary (Subject to Change at any Time)

Saturday Night - Las Vegas, Sunday/Monday - Zion, Monday/Wednesday - Monument Valley-Moab, Wednesday/Thursday - Great Basin National Park, Thursday/Friday - Virginia City.  We shouldn't have a lot of trouble booking lodging along the way, so we won't book more than a day or two in advance (to keep things flexible).

General Topics that will be Covered

We will focus on building up your technical foundation, including:

  1. Setting color and image quality settings for best results
  2. Focusing, depth of field, and image sharpness
  3. Getting the right exposure through the use of histograms
  4. Learning how to use exposure compensation to get better results
  5. How to identify strong compositions
  6. How to improve contrast and clarity in difficult lighting
  7. And, the location of several beautiful places to photograph
  8. There will also be at least one critique of your images and guidance on how to capture the "spirit of your subjects", and not just their surfaces

NOTE: I will need 3 participants for this workshop to happen. If I don't get 3 paid participants at least 14 days in advance (May 27th), the workshop will be cancelled.

Workshop Summary

WHERE: All the places listed above, and more (it's a road trip).

DATES: Saturday, June 10th to Friday, June 16th

TIME: Sunrise to Sunset

CLASS SIZE: Limited to 6 participants 

We will make a big circle in our travels, going directly to Las Vegas in the south over the Tehachapi Mountains, spending time around Zion, and working our way north to the Moab area before heading west to the Bay Area. Our travels will take us around 2500 miles, carpooling will be strongly encouraged. Many days we will get up at dawn and be shooting again at sunset, a couple of days we will sleep in and at least once during the trip there will be a critique of some of the images you shot in the workshop. There will also be an optional post-workshop critique of your images a few weeks after the workshop has ended. A map of our itinerary will be supplied to participants after the workshop, so that you can re-visit any of the places we photographed.

The price is for tuition only. This course fee does not include transportation or meals.

Online Registration (full payment is due 14 days in advance)